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We have delivered over 1Lakh+ Leads and have over 250+ clients worldwide. We have a team of highly Creative & Experienced Digital Marketing Experts. And our Director (Pinaki Mandal) is an Multi Business Entrepreneur and has more than 6 Years’ of experience.

ADVANCE PACKAGE (?1100/- Only)

30 Days Monthly Plan (Advance Lead Generation+ Sales+Branding)

?1 Promotional Youtube Video+ Calling Support To Convert Leads Into Gauranteed Sales

?(300-450 Leads)

?High Quality Leads

?On Time Delivery

?100% Satisfaction

?Quick Customer Response

?Poster creatives MarketingStrategy

oCalling Team Support To Convert Leads Into Gauranteed Sales (20k Salary Per Month)

oFollowup & 10-20 Sales/MO Commitment

oAll bonuses of Basic Package

oFestival Greeting Video


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