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Pinaki Mandal

General Manager
  • Speciality: General Manager
  • Experience: 16 Years
  • Phone: +91 98 333 855 82


SEO 95%
SMM 85%
PPC 88%
Speaking 75%

Personal Information

Pinaki is a self-motivated general manager who direct and manage our organization's business activities and develop effective business strategies and programs. He also do his work very precisely and perfectly. Duties of general manager is the most important work which are  done by Pinaki Such as allocating budget resources, coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating stuff, managing operational costs, ensuring good customer service, improving administration processes, engaging with vendors, hiring and training employees, identifying business opportunities, and monitoring financial activities. His 16 years of experience made our company to touch highest peak in corporate world. his superior knowledge of business functions, exceptional budgeting, and finance skills, and strong leadership qualities made our company work with high energy.

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