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Suman Samanta

Senior Digital Strategist
  • Speciality: Senior Digital Strategist
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Phone: +91 7777 054510


SEO 95%
SMM 85%
PPC 88%
Speaking 75%

Personal Information

Our Senior Digital Strategist Suman Samanta is responsible for ongoing management, continuity, and execution of multiple digital/social media influencer marketing programs, meeting business and brand goals. she is proactive and self-motivated, highly curious, and collaborative. The Senior Digital Strategist is leader on MELT’s growing Digital and Social Media team, cross-functionally driving digital and social plans with all MELT clients for some of the largest organizations and events in the country.

Her innovative approach to get assess in seats and move product from shelves has earned Agency of the Year Awards the past two years, numerous Effies, two Harvard case studies and all sorts of industry hardware. 

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